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Ancient Chinese philosophy says that "a superb physician is one who treats before the ailment occurs". It should be the objective of all philosophies of medicine to prevent disease rather than only be called to heal the sick.



Our practice philosophy is first and foremost to prevent disease and to find imbalances before symptoms manifest – basically treat before the last straw breaks the camel’s back. We are dedicated to teaching and empowering you to know how to keep your animals healthy and navigate through the maze of information available.

Supporting The Innate Ability To Heal

If disease has occurred already, we will help you address the root cause to create the greatest opportunity for healing.

The body has the innate ability to heal, provided it is supported in its efforts to do so. Such support can look very differently for each animal and may include different healing modalities that nurture body, mind and spirit. At Peak Animal Health Center, we blend holistic and natural treatments with functional medicine as well as traditional approaches when necessary to help your animal heal and enjoy life to its fullest.

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